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To view more pictures and information on individual murals click on the mural thumbnail or the name of the mural.

The Run The Run
Homestead House Call Homestead House Call
Goldbug Goldbug
West Water Tower Running Horses (West Water Tower)
The Ranger The Ranger (South Water Tower)
Castle Burning Castle Burning
Threshing Time Threshing Time
Harvest Time Harvest Time
McKeever School McKeever School
Starr Lumber Starr Lumber
The Depot Train Depot
Corky Share Charles Share
Alva Speedway Alva Speedway
Turkey Springs Battle of Turkey Springs
Castle on the Hill Castle on the Hill
Hunting Country Hunting Country
Statehood Day Statehood Day
Courthouse The Old Courthouse
Supply Trail The Supply Trail
Nathan Boone Nathan Boone
POW Camp POW Camp
Nathan Boone 45th Thunderbird Division
Nathan Boone Tallest Man